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Who we are?

PROPERPACK SP. Z O.O. is a production company that is the result of our long term activity in the packaging and food industry.

The mission of our business is steady development in respect of providing to our clients always functional, safe and pro-ecological packaging solutions.

Taking seriously global pro-ecological changes and the increasing awareness of both food producers and final customers, we provide the market with premium baking trays.

Our products are designed to meet the most restricted norms in terms of safety, functionality, aesthetic. Continuous technological research we run has resulted in our offer of various solutions, including the most innovative ones on the packaging market, such as TOTAL PLASTIC FREE (TPF).

The world is changing and our commitment to the implementation of pro-ecological solutions is our advantage and a benefit for our business partners.


A special design advantage of our trays, which increases their functionality, are the side panels, thanks to which the tray is not easily deformed, as is the case with trays without the said reinforcements. Thanks to this solution, the baked goods do not lose their shape after production and are always presented safe and sound.

Our trays have their function during:

  • - baking at high temperatures,
  • - reheating in ovens and microwave ovens,
  • - deep freezing.

Besides above mentioned trays, we produce the following packaging:

  • - trays for fruit, vegetables, sweets,
  • - take-away packaging, i.e. burgerbox, chinese food, lunch box,
  • - packaging with windows, among others for sushi.

All our products can be printed with an unique graphic design provided by clients or offered by our graphic designers. Thanks to this, our clients gain an additional advantage in promoting their products on the market.

Quality and food safety

The safety and quality of our products is guaranteed by the following procedures implemented in our production plant:

  • - good manufacturing practice (GMP)
  • - good hygiene practice (GHP)

In addition, to ensure global standards, we are currently certifying the following systems:

  • FSC – estimated time of implementation: 07/2021
  • FSSC 2200 – estimated time of implementation: 12/2021

Our procedures enable us to control:

  • - raw materials
  • - production and packaging process
  • - means of transport of materials and finished products.


Our products are made from cellulose cardboards. We offer an array of raw materials selected to match the purpose of the packaging. These include:

  • - cardboard with "PLASTIC FREE" barriers (cellulose films, siliconized greaseproof papers)
  • - cardboards with PET barriers
  • - cardboards with windows (cellulose films, PET)


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our team. We are happy to answer your questions and send you free samples of our products.

Łukasz Sośnierz,, +48 501 456 900

Jakub Walentowski,, +48 884 861 096

Production plant:
33-100 Tarnów, ul. Rozwojowa 27

Properpack sp. z o.o.
33-100 Tarnów, ul. Jantona 7
NIP: 993-066-99-37 / REGON: 382002336 / BDO: 000294653
Sąd Rejonowy dla Krakowa-Śródmieścia w Krakowie, XII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego
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